1st Section

  1. Are you for real

    Yes, we are. We are a registered company under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). Our registration number is 1113109-U.

  2. Will I get a receipt for the payment I made?

    Our system will automatically send you an invoice to your email on the same day once your job is completed. Do contact us if you have not received the invoice and we will resend it to you.

  3. If I have any problem on the job, who should I contact?

    You can contact our hotline number, 0162992189 and our on-duty Customer Service Executive will assist you with any problems you may encounter. Should you are unable to contact our hotline number, you can reach us through our webchat on our website OR email us at hello@thelorry.com. Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  4. Who are the drivers? Can they be trusted?

    We at TheLorry understand that the customer’s trust and confidence in us is very important. As such, all drivers and transporters are required to be registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), and we keep record of all their relevant documents such as company registration certification, lorry grant, and driver’s license. They will also need to go through our registration and briefing process before being able to become our partner. Only legitimate and verified transport companies are allowed to register with us.

  5. I want a price quotation. How do I get it?

    We don’t provide you with email quotation, instead our prices can be checked on our main page by:

    1. Key-in your pick-up and drop-off address from the Google dropdown menu list (we use google map address, so make sure to select from the list or we won’t be able to find the address).

    2. Rates will be show according to vehicle type.

    3. For a full quotation, you are required to login or sign up first if you have not registered with us and the price can be checked by:

      1. Once logged in, click “Book New”.

      2. Start by adding your pick-up address. You may use the saved ones or you may create new.

      3. Then add your drop-off, following the same procedure as pick-up.

      4. Next, select your preferred services and date and time.

      5. Price will be affected accordingly.

  6. I have completed my booking. What’s next?

    That’s great! Thank you for booking with us. Once you have completed the booking form on our website, an email containing the booking details will be sent to you for your reference.

    Please keep the booking number that starts with # as it will be the reference number for your booking.

    Our system will then match you with any of our trusted partners that will help with your transport. The driver’s details will be sent to your email and you may contact the driver directly for further arrangements.

  7. What are the types of vehicles you have?

    We offer a wide range of vehicles that cater to transporting small loose items to big bulky items. For small and loose items, you may choose a van. If you are transporting bulky items, you can choose between a 1 tonne and 3 tonne (14 feet). The lorries that are in our fleet pool are mostly canvas type lorries. We do however have boxed lorries, but this upon availability.

  8. Can I ride with the driver?

    You may ask the driver whether he is willing to take you as a passenger (if there’s space in the passenger seat). This is however fully based on the driver’s discretion. Please note that we will not be responsible for any issue/problem that might occur during transit. As an added note, the cargo space is prohibited from transporting people and animals.

  9. Do the drivers drive straight through to destination?

    For bookings made within reasonable distance, the drivers will drive straight to the drop off address after finish loading at pickup. As for bookings made farther, the drivers will usually stop at one or multiple rest stops along the way to rest and recharge.

  10. Do I have to be at the pickup and/or delivery locations?

    No this is not necessary. However, explicit instructions should be provided on the Person in Charge (PIC)’s name and contact details at both pickup and delivery locations to smoothen operations.

2nd Section

  1. How do I make a booking?

    You can make a booking the same way you would check our pricing. The only difference is that you need to proceed to the page where you make the payment. Follow these steps to start booking with us:

    1. Once logged in, at the main page of the dashboard, click “Book New”.

    2. Start by adding your pick-up address. You may use the saved ones or create new. Fill up all the particulars required.

    3. At the drop-off section, you may key-in contact info of the PIC. You may also fill up details on the items to be delivered to each drop-off and write remarks for the driver or recipient’s reference.

    4. Next, select your preferred services and date and time.

    5. Price will be reflected accordingly. You may key-in any coupon code that you have and our system will validate and deduct automatically.

    6. If you have sufficient credit, you may proceed your booking by clicking “Confirm” and a message will popup saying that your booking is successful. If you have insufficient credit, our system will prompt a payment popup where you may choose your desired topup package and make the payment accordingly.

  2. I keyed in my address and the drop down list doesn’t appear / error saying “Please insert a specific address”. How do I proceed?

    Our address system adheres to Google Maps API so only the addresses that appear in Google Maps search will show in the drop down list. If you encounter this, try to Google your address first and look for the format it appears in the Google Maps search.Use that format in our address bar. If the address does not appear in Google Maps, you can enter any landmark near your address that would appear in Google Map in our address bar. Later, you may add the full address in our “Additional Remark” section within the booking process.

  3. What are the payment methods accepted?

    TheLorry for Business only accepts upfront top-ups via online banking/credit card.

  4. I have last minute changes for my booking. Can I change the booking details?

    Yes, you can. You can contact us by email / webchat / phone call to inform of the changes that you wish to make. Just provide your booking number so that we can amend accordingly and send the new booking details to you. However, for change of address, services or job date, the booking price may change according to the changes you made. We will only proceed once you agree with the new pricing.

  5. I need to cancel my booking. What’s your cancellation policy?

    For cancellation, please inform us at least 1 to 2 days in advance of job date. Should you make any last minute cancellation, especially when the transport already arrived at the location, a cancellation fee of 50% from the booking total price or RM200 (whichever is lower) will be applicable. Cancellation fee may also be applicable but not limited to the following circumstances:

    1. If the transporter already arrived and discovers, through communication with the customer, that the customer’s items are not eligible for transport due to, but not limited to, items under the “TRANSPORT AND GOODS LIMITATIONS” list on our Terms & Conditions.

    2. Items that exceed the dimension limit and/or incorrect information provided by the customer that make the transport process unable to proceed.

    3. Illegal items such as illicit drugs, firearms, and weapons.

  6. What happen if I require additional trips?

    In case on transport day you discover that your items would not be able to fit and transported in one trip, and that you require multiple trips, please inform us so that we may calculate for you the additional trip charge. To avoid last minute additional charges, please ensure that you chose the suitable vehicle type and services or contact our customer service for advice on which vehicle and services to choose.

  7. What if I want to request for additional drop off

    If you have multiple drop off, you can add additional locations by clicking “Add Drop Off” button on the “Address” page. The price quote will updated automatically. Should you already made a booking but you want to add another pick-up/drop off location, please contact us via email / webchat / phone call and provide your booking number. We will update your booking details and send it to you. Your booking will only proceed once you agree with the changes.

  8. How do I know what type of vehicle to choose?

    Should you have any trouble in choosing a suitable type of vehicle, do contact us via email / webchat / phone call and our Customer Service will help recommend a suitable vehicle and services for you to choose.

  9. How do I know what is my booking number?

    Once you have completed your booking on our website or mobile app, an email will be sent to your email which you have provided. You can find your booking number which starts with ‘#’ under the “Booking reference”. For any inquiry or change regarding your booking, this number will be used as the reference number.

  10. What is the deal with the pop ups for public holidays and express bookings?

    Because our operation hours are only from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and we do close on Public Holidays, the pop up serves as a reminder for you to revise your transport plan. This is to prevent hiccups during transport day. Moreover, some building management will not allow moving in or out on Sundays and Public Holidays. So make sure you plan your move suitably for convenience.

  11. I need to add additional information/instruction. Where do it type it?

    You may add additional information or instruction under the “Remarks” space during the booking process. We will try our best to fulfil your request within reasonable scope of your booking. Should you request for services that are not offered or appear in our booking form, please inquire our Customer Service to see whether it can be fulfilled.

  12. Can I use TheLorry for Business for office relocation?

    No. If you require office relocation service, you may visit https://thelorry.com for more details. Alternatively, contact us at 0162992189.

3rd Section

  1. Will the driver assist loading & unloading?

    It depends. If you have not chosen manpower service, the driver will only drive and will not help with carrying your items from the premise (office, shop, etc.) to the lorry. He WILL help with sorting and arranging your items onto the vehicle however.

  2. What will the transporters do if I select manpower service?

    The manpower, depending on the number of people you choose, will be the driver and possibly an assistant that he brings along. They will help you to carry your items from the premise (office, shop, etc.), load, secure your items into the vehicle, and unload at drop off.

  3. How do you calculate the price? (per item base? Trip base? Per day base?)

    Our rates are calculated based on distance (including multiple drop-offs if there’s any), type of vehicle and services and standard or express booking type. Our rates are per trip basis.

  4. What are the additional services you provide?

    Currently we only provide manpower service to help with carrying/loading/unloading of your items.

  5. Can I rent a lorry without any driver? I can drive one myself.

    Sadly, you cannot. We do not own any of the vehicles provided as they are owned by the operators themselves.

  6. What else is included in your vehicle charge? (fuel, toll, parking)

    Our vehicle charge is inclusive of fuel, toll and parking charges.

  7. What are the list of items that are not permitted to be transported using your service?

    1. Prohibited and Restricted Goods:-

      • Perishable goods
      • Alcohol beverages
      • Ambient products
      • Frozen food
      • Dangerous goods
      • Oleo goods
      • Carriage of any person or animal in cargo compartment for any distance or reason ever
      • Items of extraordinary value or items that are irreplaceable
      • Hazardous materials, and not limited to explosives, gases, flammable liquids, firearms, ammunition, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives.
      • Illegal goods
      • Moving or transport of personal effects (including but not limited to furniture, electrical appliances, small vehicles) from a residential premise or dwelling unit to another residential premise or dwelling unit.
    2. Transporter does not hold out to transport jewellery, objects d’art, currency, documents items of unusual value or rare metals.

    3. Please read our Terms & Conditions under the “TRANSPORT AND GOODS LIMITATION” for more information.

    4. For building materials, cover your bases and seal it properly to ensure material arrive undamaged.

  8. What is your coverage area?

    Our main coverage area is the Central Region (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) of Peninsular Malaysia.

  9. Are there any hidden charges other than the one stated on my booking details?

    We strive to be as transparent on our pricing as we can, therefore the price quoted on our website will exactly be the price you will pay.

    However, additional charges may occur if any additional service is requested (which is not pre-booked) or added during transport day.

    Do note also, that additional charges may apply for factors beyond TheLorry’s control, such as but not limited to: Additional trips, loading wait times, special requests and other unexpected barriers to loading or unloading that may or may not have been communicated to TheLorry.

    Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

  10. Can I ship only one or two items?

    Firstly, depending on the size of your items, you can book a van as a more suitably-sized transport vehicle for one or two items only. But because we charter out the whole vehicle cargo space, it would not be cost effective for you if the items do not fit a van, while at the same do not fill the whole vehicle’s space.

  11. Why is there a change to my booking price?

    If your booking price has increased, it could be related to one of the following:

    1. Change in the pick-up and/or drop off location of your transport

    2. Change in your transport date that makes it an Express Booking instead of Normal booking.

    3. Change in vehicle type than previously booked.

    4. Items cannot be loaded or unloaded at the location due to certain obstacle beyond our control.

    5. Cancelling your booking without adequate notice

    6. Adding/removing additional services during transport

    7. Adding additional pick-up and/or drop off location

    8. Your job requires additional trip(s) to complete

    9. Using more cargo space than quoted than you expected to use (i.e. booked for 1 tonne lorry but fully use 3 tonne lorry cargo space)

    10. Should you require further explanation regarding the change to your booking price, please contact our Customer Service and provide your booking number.

4th Section

  1. What kind of special requests can you provide?

    You can inquire our Customer Service directly regarding special requests that you may need and whether we can or cannot fulfil it. Please note that special requests needs to be notified EARLY, and we will not be able to fulfil ANY special request if it is made on transport day or less than 2 days in advance.

  2. Can you provide any reference on how does the lorry look like or the cargo dimension?

    Please contact our Customer Service Support if you wish to get pictures of the vehicles services that we offer. The measurements are provided during the booking process under the vehicle type.

  3. Do you have insurance or liability coverage?

    We do not personally provide insurance coverage for your items. However, if you wish to have your items insured, you can make a request by ticking the insurance check box in the Additional Service section during booking. We will help to connect you with an insurance provider and you will have to pay a premium for the coverage. Please contact us should you require more information regarding insurance coverage.