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Smart Logistics Solutions

For SME shippers to get upfront rates, book, manage and track all your logistics needs.​

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Your Outsource Logistics Arm

TheLorry for Business enables business owners to outsource activities traditionally only handled by internal staff and resources.

We deploy technology backed resources to your company in order to manage your supply chain. We work with you as an extension of your business, meeting your strategy and driving your initiatives.

Our objective is to lead your business to logistics best processes, providing on-demand logistics expertise & consultancy support, maximising your supply chain and your business!


What we bring to your business

End to End Digital Management System

Automate your expenditure with hassle-free credit payment. Never be a victim of cost haggling and ad-hoc quotations again.

Payments Made Simple

Simplify your experience with our new secured payment options. Choose between COD, credit card or online credits, ensuring maximum convenience and peace of mind remain our utmost priority!

Quality of Matches in Quantities of Batches

Never let capacity be a limiting factor in taking your next big order.

Digitise your logistics now

Be part of the revolution and enjoy amazing free shipments!

of TheLorry for Business

Single Platform, All Results

Dynamic Complete control and real-time updates on all your bookings. Reduced operational risks & liabilities by opting into economies of scale with our logistics solution.

Data & Technology Driven

Digitising operations enables better strategizing of business focus & substantial logistics cost saving. Experience seamless access and put the unexpected phone calls, manual emails and paperwork in the past.

Consistent Results, Daily, Everyday

Our partners consist of only screened, reliable and experienced drivers to ensure that your goods will be transported safely and securely to your final destination. With 24/7 Shipment Tracking, you spend less time worrying and more time focusing on your core business.

Pay by Credits

Time efficient and economical. Upgrade anytime according to your usage.


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